Mount Cameroon Agro Foundation

Our programs will not be possible without your generous support. With each donation, we support children's education, help vulnerable families achieve self-sufficiency, enable access to healthcare, and bring disaster and crisis relief efforts to those in dire need. 

All contributions will be graciously acknowledged.  While donating, you can  send us an email to indicate the area with which you want your donation either in kind or cash to be used for.

We shall be glad to respect your good will and instructions.  Your contributions will be judiciously used to satisfy our foundations goal. Every donor will from time to time sent information and photographs on how projects are executed. And how their contributions are been put to use.

You can use our banking details to support us or you can send an email to look for other means. Any will do.

Banque Internationale du Cameroon pour L'epargne et le credit

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