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Malaria Description

According to the World Health Organization (WHO)’s World Malaria Report 2011, every one of Cameroon’s 19.6 million citizens is at risk of malaria, with 71% of them living in high transmission areas. Over 1.8 million suspected cases of malaria were recorded countrywide in 2010, along with over 4,500 recorded malaria-attributed deaths. Malaria was estimated to be responsible for 19% of under-five child deaths in 2008, more than any other single cause. We work to educate families in prevention of malaria, and other mosquito-borne infectious diseases. We have been championing the campaign for HIV/Aids, Distribution of mosquito bed nets and family planning.We do not only use mosquito bed nets for the prevention of mosquito bites but have started introducing the Non toxic Mosquito Repelant Wristband (Natural). This new product protects the person wearing it from any mosquito bites. It is good for both the young and the old. It cost the NGO approximately $4 for the supply of one of them. It last for a month and the Capsule is replaced after a month at the cost of approximately $2. This means that even when you are not under a bed net. Mostly at night, Say in the seating room, on the corridor, etc. You cannot be beating by any mosquito. It is very effective.

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