Livestock and Our CDA Method -

Livestock and Our CDA Method Description

This restocking project which the foundation came out with this to provide: 

This whole program is to produce piglets to be distributed to 10 families which intern will do same to other families as theirs also produces piglets.
To maintain 5 sows for the production of piglets. It is assumed that each sow will averagely produce 8 piglets twice a year, making a total of 240 piglets in 3 years.
We have realized that this project will; 
This section of the project is to be used to continue to raise money for the continuation of our empowerment plan for 30 villages in the Fako Division for 3 years. The broilers will be reared for sale. The income will be used to continue our restocking pig project until we meet our target of 240 piglets for 10 piglets for 10 families in each of the 30 villages.

When this model is applied as structured, villagers will not look for white collar jobs but form cooperatives. In this way unemployment will be reduced drastically.  Our young girls who will not be able to raise pigs will be in charge of sales and so on.
So in the first year and in one village it will be possible to have more than 160 pigs. 
For the first 8 villages = 160 X 8 = 1280 pigs and the cycle continues until we reach our target of 30 villages in the Fako Division.
Each family assisted will subsequently give one piglet to another family in the village and return one piglet to the donor farm and the chain continues. 

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