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Help Provide 20 Bore Holes For Water Supply To House Hold And Agricultural Purposes. Description

It is said that water is everywhere” but not even a drop to drink. This has been seen. Water is life but people are looking even for a drop. People need not only good drinking water but it should be in abundance as well.

We remember the quote of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Which says;

“Water, water, everywhere,
And the boards did shrink;
Water, water, everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink.”

This has become true in our societies. The many short comings we have to day in our societies are not only money, food and education, but available water to make things available to search for money is less in supply. Though we have many different ways in which water is stored for mankind. The means to harness this water is a problem. And so people die of taste, agriculture fails because no water to water the crops. Even for home consumption is a problem. WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING. THE WORLD NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING. The pictures you see are real. People waiting for water before it start running the pipes. Is a hell of a problem from the communities we have research on. Even the supply is made available; it does not last for an hour. People still go back home with empty buckets. It is very terrible in areas that do not even have running streams. THIS IS A HORRIBLE PROBLEM THE FOUNDATION HAS PUT HANDS ON DECK, TO SEE ON THE MEANS WITH WHICH THE PEOPLE WILL HAVE AVAILABLE WATER.

Water is truly life.

Let us help in our own way to give life to people we can reach out with and you will be blessed.

The Solution is to provide 20 bore holes for water supply to house hold and agricultural purposes.

A bore whole worth $7000

Total needed 20 X $7000 ­= $140,000

This will go a long way to solve the current water crisis.

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