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Help Give A Conducive Learning Structure For Muea Pupils Description

We wish to build a high standard primary school in Muea, located in the south west region of Cameroon. The school has lasted for 45 years. A school that was built with plank is so dilapidated (See Picture and Video). That kind of study environment cannot bring anything good. Benches are bad and many pupils only have to stand to hear from their teacher. If we can have a good learning environment, with modern facilities, there will be high quality education which the very needy children will be able to break out of the vicious circle of extreme poverty.

We need the construction of 6 modern and standard class room with desks, build latrines and connect a good water supply system. Each complete class room worth a total of $14,000. This will cost us a total of $86,500 including water, latrines and school office. Companies or individuals or organizations who donate for the construction of the school, a plaque will be made with the name on it. So that the world will see and it will be pasted also on our web site for viewers.



It is a huge challenge to send your children to public schools. On the most part, schools are in bad shape and have far too many pupils in a classroom - up to 70 to 100 - with only one teacher. Challenged children cannot be helped in this sort of a learning situation and the average or above average pupils have a difficult time concentrating. There is usually no source of drinking water and hundreds of children share 1 or 2 latrines. No playing ground, benches, no faculties for the provision of school meals.etc. If a parent does not provide ways to feed their children in school then it will be horrible for that child that day.



The construction of a modern school for the children. We provide high quality teaching/learning material for all children. Challenged pupils are tutored in necessary subjects. Above average pupils are guided and tutored. Sinks with running water are in every classroom and several are attached to the latrines. We provide medical/dental care and after school activities.


Long-Term Impact

In our few years of existence as MOUNT CANEROON AGRO FOUNDATION we have provided hundreds of children with education, vocational training, nutritious food, foster care for (mostly AIDS) orphans, medical/dental care. We strive for high-quality education so that even the poorest of the poor have an equal chance to be all that they can be in life. This will change generations of lives.

Whatever you feel in your heart to do please just do it to rescue the situation.

Funds for education

 To raise funds for scholarship for 500 primary school children sampled, 100 university students and 300 secondary and high school students and 25 vocational training 

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