Our Story

From A Thought to a Global Movement

Mount Cameroon Agro Foundation is a Cameroonian registered non -profit organization based in Buea, Cameroon. Founded in 2015. After critically observing the sufferings of many mostly in our nation Cameroon, The thought of the foundation emerged. This thought later grew from an idea into a movement. A movement that desires to involved people from around the world joining, through different means to give life where it is necessary. We are dedicated to improving the quality and value of life  of children, the handicaps and families in general in Cameroon and the world at-large. Our mission is to reduce poverty by implementing agricultural initiatives, providing basic tools for education, aiding with health care provisions to persons in need. improve on capacity building, help in providing good water supply, carry out sensitization exercises on the ecosystem protection and disaster relief efforts. We create and atmosphere for equal opportunities for every one and to see the poor uplifted from poverty to self sufficiency. From 2015 and with our little resources, we have been able to carry out some projects ranging from education, income generation through meaningful agricultural activities and marketing. We believe that soon we shall extent our activities to other regions and nations.

Empowering Families and Communities

Our self Sufficiency programs

We organize rural farmers

We organize marginalized rural farmers into self-help groups and build these groups into Producer Companies, triggering numerous social and economic benefits. We support vulnerable families by developing, educate and furnish them with co-operative projects to generate income, foster community building, and strengthen traditional methods of self-sufficiency through agriculture, or small business activities. With these programs, we create economic sustainability and growth, leading to reduced poverty while increasing quality of life. In this light we assist in the production of plantain, cassava, cabbages, tomatoes, piggery and educate them on marketing and transformation processes. Over the years, this has helped many groups’ and individuals. We also organize the market for sales in other to avoid wastage. One of our main goals is to break the cycle of poverty and create projects that foster economic sustainability and growth.

Children education and welfare

Sponsor a Child in Cameroon.

Give a vulnerable child a new chance with your gift of sponsorship


A scholarship is an award of financial aid for a student to further their education. Scholarships are awarded based upon various criteria, which usually reflect the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award. To grant partial and full scholarships to needy young girls and boys from primary to university levels through the foundation support fund. Through this aspect, we encourage rural youth to achieve quality literacy, numeracy, and general life skills--and to take action in their communities through participation in local policy formulation, decision making, and advocacy. Our scholarships go a long way to carter for the health of the vulnerable children as well. Many parish because the family are unable to purchase common medications for diseases. Our welfare section takes care of feeding to the desperate that cannot even provide two meals a day, clothing for school books and pen, pencils backs and school shoes. 

Your generous support

Your generous support has the power to change lives. When you sponsor a child you will be giving an orphaned or vulnerable child the opportunity to grow up with security of care, giving the gift of proper health and education access, and helping the child become an independent adult with a future full of hope and opportunity.

You can decide on the age you so desire to sponsor. The number, the level, the sex and so on. We have from Kindergarten right up to the university level of students awaiting your call for sponsorship.  Some of our children ready for sponsorship have been waiting for over a year, so please help and give generously.

After your selection and donate, you will receive regular electronic updates, picture and life history of your sponsored child, and a twice per year update on your sponsored child's progress in school, life and an updated photo.

Between 2016/2017 we have been able to put a smile on the face of over one hundred school pupils and students in different communities in Cameroon. The call for support is high but the means are limited. Please just partner with us. Join us in this race. In Africa, is a different issue at all? It is a come and see.

Make a powerful, positive impact on children in Cameroon and give them access to education.

The back to school campaign is very important to us because we believe that education is a powerful tool to create a world where anything is possible. We believe that educating children can be a way to break the cycle of poverty—within children, families, communities and even all whole countries. Please support this cause by sending a child back to school.

When you donate $50/child you will be providing a school pupil with supplies, uniforms, bags and shoes to children who need our help to build a future. With $120, you will cater for a student at the secondary level of education and $200 will support a university student to start up properly.

                                                                               Community Development Approach
The Community Development Approach (CDA) is a model to which MCAF has been dedicated since 2016. It is the backbone to which we approach the running of all MCAF’s programs. It ensures that we operate sustainable programs that not only meet individuals’ immediate needs, but also change the landscape of the community, leaving permanent transformation. The four stages of intervention in this CDA model are; Food Production, Capacity building for community, Education, Water, Sanitation and Health.
Through these four stages MCAF is able to; identify the most urgent needs within a Community, and meet them immediately, Create projects while building capacity of local leaders and stakeholders to manage Programs. Assist with the transition of these programs, Provide oversight and support.
This model is a sustainable business approach to development, treating the beneficiary Community not just as the recipient of aid, but as a partner in developing change.
While education is a  continues project that on the move, we have gigantic projects to better the lives of the individuals, groups and families.
We have so far being carrying out capacity building in 30 villages in the Fako division. In the propagation of plantain suckers, cassava cuttings. To create added value chain in the process by providing machines for processing of mostly Cassava. Livestock rearing is also not left out as the nutritional part of our diet consumed helps in the body building and growth of our children. So construction of modern pig fences is a tool taken into consideration in the project process. By the end of 2020, we wish that our goals have being met and these communities are able to provide for themselves and neighbors. By this time the population whose livelihood that depended on the mountain for survival will be strong and viable to feed its population.

The population of this communities relied on hunting for survival but it has being taken away from them. Poverty has become the other of the day. Jobless youths have now engage on criminal activities to make ends meet. Our plan as well is to create employment by turning their activities to profitable economic booms, hence employment to the youths. The out puts of our projects will also help in given relief in the refuges in the north displaced by the Boko Haram terrorist groups. We also look at the construction and maintenance of some schools which our children attend.
In 2016, so many people and communities benefited from the foundations projects mostly in agriculture and livestock and education. It was an impressive year and we could term the year a success. Piglets where handed to many on our community development approach program. A group of women know as the Ewongo women group also appreciates our donations for cassava production. Many who engage in the production of tomatoes can attest ad well on our hand in their farms. Much is yet to be down.

Please donate and help us do more

Meet Our Team

Responsibilities of our Team All our activities in Cameroon are closely supervised by a dedicated team of on-site staff. All of our team members in Cameroon have expressed compassion and a desire to help the vulnerable families. Our team Supervise and follow up on all of the programs and activities of MCAF. They Identify, assess, and report on the needs of the potential sponsorship candidates. Provide comprehensive written reports and pictures at the end of each quarter, which are reviewed by the President of MCAF and board of Directors.


Martin Embola


Nicole Nguejo

Secretary General

Enjema Nganje


Victor Moleke

Director of Programs

Laura Formilack

Livestock Coordinator
Eric N

Eric N Djomo

Technical Adviser

vivian Atemkeng

Agriculture and livelihood coordinator

Noumbou Eponine

Legal Adviser
Bongkem Edward

Bongkem Edward Afoni

Health and sanitation Coordinator

Mongombe Esuka

Social Welfare Coordinator

Françoise Crakondji

Vice president

Eunice Mbuh


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