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The Community Development Approach (CDA) is a model to which MCAF has been dedicated since 2016. It is the backbone to which we approach the running of all MCAF’s programs. It ensures that we operate sustainable programs that not only meet individuals’ immediate needs, but also change the landscape of the community, leaving permanent transformation.

The four stages of intervention in this CDA model are:

  • Food Production
  • Capacity building for community
  • Education
  • Water and Sanitation, Health

Through these four stages MCAF is able to; identify the most urgent needs within a Community, and meet them immediately, Create projects while building capacity of local leaders and stakeholders to manage Programs. Assist with the transition of these programs, Provide oversight and support. This model is a sustainable business approach to development, treating the beneficiary Community not just as the recipient of aid, but as a partner in developing change.

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The Founder

Martin E. M Embola

He has more than 18 years working experience in humanitarian work and before forming the Mount Cameroon Agro Foundation, he worked as Program Coordinator at Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe Central African Republic, Cameroon and Chad. He has also worked in Nonprofit Organizational Management under various food security projects among them Cesvi Fondazione Onus, Welthungerhilfe, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, and Country Director Dorcas Aid International Dohuk, Iraq and now working with ARCHE NOVA, as Regional Director, West Africa.

Founder's Message

We are a registered charity, dedicated to identifying the sufferings of people and act accordingly depending on available resources. We seek to improve on their welfare, empowering communities and strive to end poverty and misery. We have been assembling people who are trained to be passionate in productive activities to support one another. We show love and make people propagate this love.

MCA Foundation is committed to getting your ideas and see how we can make them meaningful for the communities. We try to identify difficulties faced by people and search for solutions and implement them. There is nothing as sweet as a beautiful smile that comes from the inside of a man.

Dear friends, no one dying of hunger, misery, thirst, and so on, can ever give you that smile. I have gone through many African countries. I have met with people on one-on-one dying in pain, because of lack of means to fend for themselves. I therefore became very restless, restless because such painful images cannot give any sound sleep. I will like to congratulate and thank everyone who has committed his or her resources in saving lives here and there. With all that I saw, it prompted me to think carefully on the best ways to promote livelihood and how to raise community awareness on their environment, how it can be managed with profitable ventures, how to live a self-reliant life style.

With all this in mind the MOUNT CAMEROON AGRO FOUNDATION was born. In just a few years of our existence, many farmers can boast of better yields and improved economic life style. Many hunters who could no longer hunt due to the mount Cameroon national park can now do meaningful activities to sustain themselves. Tomato production, plantains, cassava, cabbages, piggery and poultry have increased tremendously. We are striving to do more (see our strategic plan for 2016 to 2020.). Water that is very scarce needs to be provided through boreholes. Hygiene and sanitation need greater attention, family planning is a key subject to control birth rate, young boys and girls need to be educated, capacity building needs attention.

Our Services


The water supply issue in the nation Cameroon has lasted for as long as the country is.

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Hygiene And Sanitation

We carry out sensitization campaigns in keeping our environment clean. Clean up campaigns are champion by youths in our communities.

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO)’s World Malaria Report 2011, every one of Cameroon’s 19.6 million citizens is at risk of malaria.

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We as well carry out sensitization campaigns and educate the masses on the dangers and prevention of HIV/Aids

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Family Planning

We are still to deduce if the high rate of poverty has a direct relationship with a high level of birth rate we have in our various communities.

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Livestock and Our CDA Method

This whole program is to produce piglets to be distributed to 10 families which intern will do same to other families as theirs also produces piglets.

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Our Projects

Help Give A Conducive Learning Structure For Muea Pupils

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Help Provide 100,000 Plantain Suckers To Be Distributed To Farmers

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Help Provide 20 Bore Holes For Water Supply To House Hold And Agricultural Purposes.

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Improvement Of The Education Situation In Makong – Pinyin North West Region Cameroon

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Les images de nos matériels de construction d’un Puits et forage

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Help 20 Women Groups Produce Food For Sustainance And To Displace Boko Haram Victims In Cameroon.

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